Earned, Owned et Paid media: quelle est la différence? Combell blog.
Et grâce à Internet, et plus particulièrement à lessor des médias sociaux, vous disposez de nombreux moyens de communication. Dans le jargon, on parlera de paid, owned et earned media. Les Paid Media sont les médias qui diffusent vos messages contre paiement.
Traduction paid français Dictionnaire anglais Reverso.
to put paid to sth mainly British mettre fin à qch. Bad weather put paid to their chances of winning. Six months ago I had my own successful business but the recession has put paid to that. highly paid, highly-paid.
Traduction: paid Dictionnaire anglais-français Larousse.
paid holidays UK or vacation US congés mpl payés. paid workers travailleurs mpl salariés. to put paid to something gâcher or ruiner quelque chose. Vous n'avez' pas trouvé une traduction? N'hésitez' pas à nous le signaler pour que nous puissions étudier cette demande avec attention.
to be paid Traduction franaise Linguee.
Fees mu s t be paid i n f ull at the beginning of each. Ces d ro its doiv en t tre pays au d but de c ha que anne. Particular attention need s t o be paid t o t he development of first nations tourism.
paid English-French Dictionary WordReference.com.
Synonyms: rewarded, paid off, reimbursed, compensated, indemnified, more. Collocations: a paid bill, invoice, debt, fully, half, partially, partly paid, four, five weeks of paid leave, vacation, more. Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots paid." A good, well paid job.
paid Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Larkin later took a paid government post. paid work/employment Many of these women, aged 40 and over, are just returning to paid employment. paid holiday/vacation/leave Labor unions have made paid family leave a top priority. paid overtime/time off Will we receive paid overtime for the extra work?
Paid Define Paid at Dictionary.com.
British Dictionary definitions for paid Expand. / ped /. the past tense and past participle of pay 1. mainly Brit NZ put paid to, to end or destroy: breaking his leg put paid to his hopes of running in the Olympics.

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